Parlours Weekend Pt.1

 We've had a whirlwind weekend with not one, but TWO Parlours shows! Both gigs were completely different, yet equally entertaining. Good times were had. The band has been playing lots of new jams as there is a full length album on the horizon...stay tuned, y'all.

 I was asked to put a little something together to beautify the merch table. As we're heading into the summer months, I was inspired to create a vintage picnic setup. Gingham table cloth. CDs prominently displayed on a pie plate. Stickers & buttons on a tiered serving tray. Mason jars filled with more buttons & candy for the taking. Add a basket, some thermoses, a camera...oh yes, there were also some beautiful new shirts & tote bags.

I love LOVE doing this sort of thing. And how great does this look in front of the Wooly's chalkboard wall?

Wooly's just might be the greatest thing to happen to Des Moines since...Fong's Pizza, perhaps? Well, I don't know what. We've been waiting for a long time for a place like this though. Great size, great location, overall great venue. Looking forward to making many more memories in this space.

Parlours Weekend Pt. 2 coming soon... xx

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