An Evening with Jack White

It's been a long time since I hit the road for a concert, but a carload of us made the trek to Omaha to see JACK WHITE play some songs this week!!

The show sold out (naturally), but I was fortunate enough to know enough Vault Members who helped get me in on the pre-sale. If there was one big show I was going to see this year, this was going to be it!!

This was actually my third time seeing the "Third Man" live. The first was with The White Stripes at the Big Day Out in Auckland, NZ. The second was at Lollapalooza with The Raconteurs. And each time has been completely memorable.

The show on Monday played like a best of his best collaborations from "Cut Like a Buffalo" to "Broken Boy Soldiers" to "Seven Nation Army", not to mention songs from his solo record, Blunderbuss.

We weren't technically supposed to take photos, but I couldn't resist. There's just something about having your own documentation of any event. This was my perspective of the show, and it was a great one at that.

My biggest regret was not purchasing a commemorative silk-screened poster for his Omaha performance. There was a stack of them while I was still making it through the merch line. I did leave with this pretty little "Freedom at 21" 7 inch though.

I just love the whole aesthetic of a Jack White experience. The intentionality of the color schemes, the air of mystery, the homages to yester-years, all rolled up into one amazing rock & roll show...xx

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