It's Always Sunny in California Pt.2

So the big reason for our trip to California was to see Parlours perform at THE VIPER ROOM!! You may have heard of it...Actor River Phoenix died at the venue; Johnny Depp co-owned it until 2004. It is still known to entertain the rich & famous, and if I watched more television, I might have recognized a few familiar faces in the crowd (or so I was told).

The drive into Los Angeles took much longer than we anticipated, so we grabbed some hot dogs at a coney place across the street and scarfed them down just minutes before the show. Thankfully, we got Wayde "to the Greek" on time;)

The set was FANTASTIC. It was great to see the band so well-received and to see all their hard work paying off.. I'm just so proud of them. *sniff*

We hit up Roscoe's House of Chicken & Waffles after the show. I wasn't even that hungry, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to indulge myself at another Hollywood hotspot. SO DELICIOUS.

The rest of the night played out like a movie...we drove along the Sunset Strip and around Hollywood seeing many well known spots while listening to Es talk about her old celebrity "hunting" days. So many laughs ensued.

Through some random connections through Dana, we ended up at a club in West Hollywood (Eleven) for a private birthday party for one of Britney Spears' former back-up dancers. Apparently, Jojo was there (I can't confirmed), but Derek Hough from Dancing with the Stars was and he touched my shoulder while walking past me. Pretty unusual night for this Midwest housewife. 

The band shacked up at the posh Le Montrose boutique hotel, courtesy of Dana's Mom. We hung out for a little while before calling it a (very late) night. I said goodbye to Wayde for the rest of his tour and replayed the night's events as we returned to Costa Mesa.

So grateful to Chris & Es for their willingness to stay out crazy late & make memories with the responsibilities of work & baby tending on the horizon. It was just one of those nights I'll never forget.

I've got a couple more Cali posts in store...next stop, DISNEYLAND!! xx

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