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This past weekend was pretty low key, as most weekends are for our little family. Papa was in Chicago with Parlours playing the famous METRO venue. Heck, I had even gone to a show there back in the day.

Unfortunately, due to last Monday's finger smushing debacle and my dwindling PTO days, I was unable to join. So Ruby & I stayed with family and enjoyed the crisp Fall weather.

One thing that made it easier to stay behind was knowing the Influence Conference is just around the corner!! I'm a bundle of nerves thinking about leaving Ruby behind. I have yet to spend a single night away from her, let alone four whole days!! I know that she's going to have a wonderful time with her Papa, but I'm still going to miss her a whole bunch.

I don't often get souvenirs from Wayde's band travels, but he surprised me with this hand-screened Beach House poster from the Metro. Good job, babe.

Post-church Dim Sum at Kwong Tung. I love when Wayde shows Ruby how to play percussion with found objects. Rockin' out with their chopsticks out.

New hair! It's a lot darker than I expected, but I am slowly warming up to it. I haven't had my hair dyed in over two years, so kind of a bid deal. And this is the best photo you are going to get for now as I feel so terribly awkward about taking self portraits.

Finally getting my fall fashion groove on. Not so surprisingly, I found everything I was looking for (and more) at Goodwill. For instance, I sort of gasped when I saw this sweater in the November issue of Lucky Magazine. Lucky for me, I discovered this vintage pearl collar while trolling the jewelry case at GW. Paired it with a striped sweater dress I already had and there you go. A $300 savings. I could do a whole ongoing blog series on "alike but different" fashion finds for under $15. Maybe someday.

P.S. I have had major issues with Blogger today - this post has crashed TWICE and published once without my authorization. SO FRUSTRATING. Thanks for bearing with me, although I'm sure this didn't put anybody out.

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