23 Weeks

Turns out I wore this same turtleneck for my 23 week photo with Ruby in tow. What?? I SO did not plan that. I don't know what that says about me...probably that I'm cheap/ thrifty/ resourceful/ etc. Regardless, I think I'm bigger this time around.

Circa 2011.

For all of you bumpwatchers, let us analyze these two photos. It appears I'm about as high & pointy as I was when I was carrying my daughter...PERHAPS, IT IS ANOTHER GIRL?? Oh, the drama.

In other examples of how I am subconsciously carrying on traditions through my pregnancies, I am currently reading a classic—Pride & Prejudice. I read another classic, Jane Eyre, with Ruby—both period novels somewhat far from my usual tastes, but I have enjoyed/ am enjoying quite immensely. Just trying to fill the "Downton Abbey" void, y'all. P&P is turning out to be quite the worthy sub.

I've also been reading the She Reads Truth Holy Week Plan, which is so SO good. I didn't even get as far as devising a Lent strategy for me to fail this year, but have wanted to be intentional & reflective in the days leading up to Easter and what that means for my life/ faith/ etc. I was also touched by this perspective.

Peace to you...xx

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