Nice Weekend.

Minneapolis trips are the best. So many loved ones and so many interesting spaces to catch up on life in. Conversations over hot drinks & pastries went down at Parka with my dear friends Dena, Maren, (sister-in-law) Nicole, & our baby girls (not counting the two unborn littles in tow). Always a treat:)

Parka is also attached to Forage Modern Workshop, a boutique specializing in new & vintage furniture and home decor. A little piece of Heaven for any Mid-Century loving, coffee enthusiast.

I would've taken more pictures, but I was too busy chasing Ruby and trying not to fall down over footstools (which almost happened).

Ruby & Uncle Scott. I'd have to say, she's pretty smitten with him:)

Another reason for our trip was to stock up on Ikea goods. Since moving from an apartment to a house, we now have a bigger space to fill. Wayde is in the process of building our dining room table (really!), so we picked up some acrylic chairs to do with it. And a few other things...

Looking forward to posting some house updates (eventually)!! xx

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  1. Funny how I didn't notice you taking all those photos. I guess my little one was distracting me ;) Fun to see you blogging again!


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