35, 36, 37 Weeks...

We're in the home stretch! Emphasis on stretch. This baby is running out of room and I'm pretty sure it's already bigger than it's big sister was this far along.

Baby, I'm looking forward to not referring to you as "it" for much longer. I'm not stressing out that your room is not perfectly put together. The blankets & onesies are washed, and that's good enough for me.

Still no name, but I'm not stressing out (too much) about that either. There's a list and I trust that seeing your sweet face will determine the winner.
Physically, I'm feeling pretty OK. Not really sleeping through the night anymore, but at least the back pain is at bay. I definitely think all that prenatal chiropractic work has paid off.

I've also adopted a (loose) regimen of essential oil usage, date fruit eating, and relaxation techniques that will hopefully prompt this baby to arrive earlier and more easily if possible. A little more on that:

The oils—I've been using a mixture of Young Living's "Gentle Baby" diluted with olive oil for "massage". I've been instructed to add Fennel oil to the mix at 38-39 weeks, which will hopefully jump-start things. Click here for the recipe I am referencing.

The 15ml vessels may seem pricey, but I'll be able to use the "Gentle Baby" on baby for rashes/ discomfort and the Fennel for B-feeding.

Date Fruit Consumption—Have you heard about this? Apparently, women who eat 6 date fruit pieces a day during their last 4 weeks of pregnancy are less likely to be induced. I've stocked up on the dates but have done a poor job of putting them down every day. Re-reading this article has me feeling motivated again.

Relaxation—I've been reading a bit about hypnobirthing, and though I'm a little weirded out by the technique, there were a few takeaways I've been putting into practice now and up to the actual labor/ delivery. Those include visualization, reassociating discomforts with pressure, and some deep breathing exercizes.

I've also been using YL's "Peace & Calming" oil for relaxation at bedtime and have a list of meditation verses to memorize/ focus on for the big day. Lots of prayer too:)

So, those are some of the things I'm doing to prepare for the coming event! And at this point, I'm hoping it comes sooner rather than later...xx

[Editor's Note: There is no editor. Just this lady with some serious pregnancy brain. So please have some grace if you come across any horrendous typos/ grammar in this post or previous ones. Thank you.]

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