Adventures in Potty Training [17/31].

The last time I bought a box of diapers for Ruby, I thought, "I'm going to have this girl potty trained before these run out." It was just yesterday when I realized that were on the last few diapers, so I decided that now was the time. I've only been putting if off my whole maternity leave, and well, I'm not on "maternity leave" anymore.

So this morning, I parked the potty chair in front of the TV. My plan would be to let her run sans pants all day giving her jelly beans with every tinkle. Simple, right?

The first pee was easy. I danced, cheered, and gave her a handful of candy. About an hour later, she peed on the floor. Then she peed in the potty chair (followed up by me dancing/ cheering/ showering her with jelly beans again). And then she peed on the floor, this time making a HUGE mess. Seriously.

It wasn't until 11:30am when I realized I hadn't actually read any literature on the topic other than going off the advice I got from a random lady behind me in line at Target. Upon googling the subject, I gathered that my acts of celebration may have been putting too much pressure on my tot.

I also read that a child will use the potty when they are ready. The fact that Ruby will say "thank you" upon getting her diaper changed (I thought) qualified her for such things. After today though? I'm not sure.

Me: What is this, a LalaPOOPsy?! Ruby: She takin' a bath. 

By the end of the day, the score as follows: Potty = 4, Floor = 2, Diaper (during nap) = 1. 

I'm sure that I need to dedicate another couple days to this task, but I am up against a very strong-willed little lady. She knows what she's doing and I've just got to figure out a way to get her on board with this whole potty thing. 

Anyone reading got any good tips for this Mama??

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  1. hang in there! everyone told me girls were easier but it wasn't the case at our house. I tried a variety of methods but honestly it just took time. And stickers. and candy. and lots of praise!

  2. You can do it! My first child is due in May, so I have no potty training advice for you! I can relay from my mom. Apparently, when she was potty training me, there was a nice long chat about how "big girls" use the rest room. During the day she would put me in "big girl" undies and every hour she would ask if I needed to go to the bathroom. She says it only took me two or three accidents in big girl panties before I decided that was very gross and I didn't like walking around with wet undies! With my sister, all she had to do was bribe her. She wanted to go spend the night with grandma and papa like I did, but grandma had a "must be potty trained rule." Mom told her if she could go one week without accidents she could spend the night with grandma. BAM! One week later, no accidents and off to grandma's she went!

    I've enjoyed reading your series!

    1. This is good information anyway!! And thank you for reading:)

  3. Thanks for the information. For someone preparing to start potty training their child this was very useful.

    K.S. Brown


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