Lessons Learned & A Small Victory [6/31].

FINALLY getting around to my Day 6 post at the last minute. This whole finding the time to blog thing? Not an easy task. It's been a good lesson in time management for me though. And creativity. And negotiating (as my husband sits across from me changing a diaper).

I'm thinking about reserving the Sunday posts in this series for some little things I've throughout the week and sharing successes (if any). So, here goes...

Things I Learned the Hard Way:

- Grape tomatoes are not a practical snack for toddlers. Seeds & juice EVERYWHERE.

- Always bring the stroller back into the house. We've had precious little rain this season, so the night I leave our double in the driveway, OF COURSE, it downpours.

A Success:

- Fitting back into my favorite pre-maternity Levi's. BAM.

Also, I wanted to share a link to this life-giving post on transitioning to two kids/ when things are hard. Because it's SO hard. And Lesley articulates is a whole lot better than I can.

I'll try to have more of this kind of thing next Sunday, now that I have some direction. Maybe I'll be more interesting too. Thanks for reading. xx

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