Orchard Day [2/31].

Since becoming a SAHM, I've been able to join the mom's playgroup from our church. The whole thing is a little out of my comfort zone, but it's been good to get to know more like-minded mamas and break up the week with a fun activity for the kids. This week, we trekked to Center Grove Orchard in Cambridge, IA. 

Few things beat Fall in Iowa. I never realized how cleansing it is to have four definitive seasons until I spent a year in New Zealand. I'm a visual person, so to witness the changing landscape throughout the year is like reading chapters in a book. And Autumn, BY FAR, if my favorite. 

We took Ruby to Center Grove when she was a baby, so to see her this time old enough to embrace all of it's amusements and enjoy them with her friends warms this mama's heart.

My friend Shana, and fellow playgroup Mama, taught me a new trick today. How to get your kid to look at you when taking their picture. Just say, "Look at my nose!" Even if it means your child will translate it as an invitation to touch their own nose, there's a better chance of them facing your general direction;)

The biggest trampoline EVER. Worth the admission price alone.

I'm pretty sure this girl would fit right in on a farm. 

I forgot to add that I forgot to bring sunscreen! Mama fail. Temps climbed up to the mid-eighties and poor Ruby had to wear a jacket most of the day. Note to self: always bring sunscreen.

Chillin' in the corn pool. Also worth the admission price. I have at least two excellent reasons now to take this girl back before the season is over.

We were both finding corn in our drawers after taking this picture. So worth it though;)

Sweet Sterling slept at least 95% of the time we were at the orchard. But he was super happy when he was awake for the other 5%. Love this little guy SO much.

I was going to write here about how I thought I was going to be a rockstar Mom and get Ruby home before naptime (a.k.a. me time) and how she decided she wasn't going to take a nap and how frustrating that was, but duty calls. I've got Lalaloopsy dolls on my lap and a box of diapers to get from the store, else we might not make it to day 3...xx

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