The Job Description [4/31].

I always knew I wanted to be a Mom. I always hoped that I would be able to stay at home with my kids when that time came. Is it my dream job? I think so. It especially was when if felt completely unattainable.

Every job comes with a description of the role. I thought about this a lot before I officially became a SAHM. I thought about what my goals would be and how I would like each day to look like. It helped to put some of those ideas on paper. And this is what I came up with:

* Have a start time (7am for Mom; 8am for Kids).

* PJ's are not allowed to be worn all day (unless ill).

* No more than 2 hours of television per day (maximum). Extra points for not watching any TV.

* All meals to be served with at least 1 fruit & 1 veggie; no more than 1 juice per day.

* Consistent nap time schedule (2pm for Ruby - no more than 3 hours).

* Lunch served at noon; dinner served at 6pm.

* Find a feasible cleaning schedule & meal plan and stick to it.

* Have a ton of grace for myself. Remember, everything on this list comes with an asterisk.

Actually, as I write this the TV is on, we are all still in our pajama's, and my shirt is on backwards (don't ask). But this is the only window of time that works to squeeze in my 31 Days post today as we have family from out of town visiting. GRACE.

At least I have an outline now to reference which is a whole lot better than flying by the seat of our pants, which is what happens most days...

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  1. I love this! I think everyone- adults, kids, dogs, etc function better on a schedule. :) And somedays it just ain't gonna happen. But embrace it! These are the days girlie. XO


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