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Hi, ladies!! Finally linking up to this online party wagon...Seriously, I am SO excited for this year's Influence Conference. I was fortunate enough to attend the first one (completely last minute) and voraciously followed last year's (via hashtag) as I was home with our newborn son. So, yeah...

A bit about me:
I'm Erin. I stay at home with my two sweet babes, Ruby (3) & Sterling (1). I wrote a pretty desperate 31 Days series on my experience as a Beginner Stay-At-Home-Mom last year. Don't worry, things have improved since then. Lately, I've been transitioning into a Work-At-Home-Mom since picking up some writing & social media freelance work.

My husband & I have been together for almost 7 years (which seems so unbelievable to type out). We share a mutual love for thrifting and spend our date nights grabbing tacos & going on Goodwill runs. He also plays drums in a pretty swell band (in my humble opinion) called Parlours. Here's a link to their music video (that I also helped style). 

1 part of the conference you’re most excited about:
I'm actually looking forward to all the things I'm probably going to miss while I'm at the conference...getting a full night of sleep, going to the restroom without an audience, not having somebody hanging on me all the time...Amen, anyone? But really, I am going to miss my kiddos SO much.

1 thing you wouldn’t leave home without: 
For this conference in particular, I COULD NOT leave home without my ViBella Jewelry. I am so honored to be attending this year's Influence as a brand ambassador for their terrific organization. ViBella impacts the lives of at-risk women in Haiti & Mexico by providing sustainable jobs in a safe work environment. Be sure to look out for a little something special from them in the swag bags;) And be sure to find me if you have any questions about ViBella. Or just come say 'hi' anyway!



  1. I've been planning on waking you up 2-3 times throughout the night just to say hi! Is that a problem?!

  2. adorable picture! I just joined the influence network...hope to go to the conference maybe next year. I did go to Alt this summer and it was wonderful for all of those reasons (no kid's yogurt on my shirt and adult conversations..) enjoy!

    1. I just joined the network, too! Did you get a premium or lifetime membership? Thought I'd try it out for awhile before fully committing. I didn't want to miss the Lara Casey members only session at Influence either!

  3. Looking forward to connecting! And I too am looking forward to some refreshing/re energizing time away from the roll of a sahm. :)

  4. Love the new look of your blog Erin {sorry if it's been up for awhile - I've been perusing the blogosphere a bit sporadically lately}. Have fun at the conference!

  5. ha! I had no idea your husband was in Parlours. my husband I know saw them in St. Louis on one of our first dates!


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