Best of the Week Vol. 5

1.) These "cupcake paper sleeves" are SO adorable! That's probably not the technical name, bit it's what I've dubbed them. Photo posted on This is Glamorous blog.
2.) Ffffound featured this aesthetically pleasing bookcover, and better yet—by a New Zealander!
3.) Illustrations of Marguerite Sauvage.
4.)"Lustre Opaline", part of the Marie Christophe collection. Link courtesy of HeySusy.
5.) Be Careful with Ka...Paule Ka. From Style Bubble, one of my new favorite fashion blogs.
6.) The 20 Most Creative Resumes I've seen in a long time... found at Design for Mankind.

Side note #1 - This is my 100th blog entry! Thanks to all my readers & customers who inspire me to continue producing things.
Side note #2 - There will be new items posted in the shop this week! So keep an eye out, Zealots!

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  1. OOoh, congrats on the big 100! Thanks for the link... ;)


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