Best of the Week Vol. 12**

1. Feisty & adorable Peaches Geldof's apartment featured on The Selby.
2. Fashionary—"The world's first fashion designer handbook". Take advantage of the downloadable PDF templates!
3. Delightful photos by the Cherry Blossom Girl.
4. Make a statement with this inexpensive Classic Chair Back decals from Blik.
5. Miss Lulu & The Teaspoon Shortage's self-portrait album on Flickr is phenomenal.
6. Series of British Design Classics stamps from Britain's Royal Mail.

**Other working titles: "Best of 2009, Thus Far.." or "Everything since Best of the Week Vol.11"

1 comment

  1. sooo we read the same blogs then....
    i couldn't agree more with the lula lust. i have been asking friends of mine if they would like to split the cost of a subscription and share the beauty.


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