Wes Anderson Theme Party = SUCCESS!!

Those of you who know me are well aware of my love for all things Wes Anderson. Needless to say, it's been a very exciting past month planning for this party that has been, well, at least 3 years in the making!

The Royal Tenenbaums Room

The Darjeeling Limited Room

The Life Aquatic Atrium

The Rushmore Room

Check out more event photos on Flickr, as well as our party Tumblr!

Special thanks to:
• Alicia, my co-host, for helping put this together.
• Matt, for so generously lending us your apartment.
• My husband, Wayde, for spending 5+ hours making this & winning Best Overall Costume in a landslide victory.
• Also to Flatform, ReadyMade Magazine, and all the fabulous party people in attendance!

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