Airstream Dreams & Purple Pencil Skirts

The Des Moines Art Festival took place this past weekend and I saw a good many inspiring pieces from both local & nationally recognized artists.

I especially enjoyed the work of Michael Bryant (Holga Photographer) and Cali Hobgood-Lemme (I featured one of her hand-colored photos for my most recent Best Of post).

Also at DMAF was a sweet little film troupe called Tiny Circus (from my hometown of Grinnell, IA) that shoot stop-motion shorts in Airstream trailers. Needless to say, I am quite enthralled by what they're doing (and maybe even more so with their Airstreams).

And now...two thing that cost me $3.00:

Purple pencil skirt from good ol' GW. Maybe you saw me shopping around in it down at Market Day Iowa, which was fantastic I might add! I got some vintage earrings, a typewriter pin, & an Arnold Palmer cupcake. Wow, indeed!!

My other $3.00 score was this 1957 Smith-Corona typewriter from an estate sale. Not only does it work, but it types in script lettering! Which is quite a rare find according to our online research...

Carrying case & instructions included. SO excited to start using it!!

Hope you had a lovely weekend as well xx

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  1. Thanks for including me... I love the smith-corona! And the diagram page... fabulous. Hope to see you again. We're cooking up a plan for a November group show...


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