What an incredible 4th of July weekend it was!! Unfortunately, we didn't get to experience any of these [see above] due to rain, but 80/35 was explosive enough to make up for the lack of firecracker action. And now, a few highlights:

My brother rockin' the beats for Canby. SO proud of him!

Siblings 4 ever.

The Walkman were definitely one of my favorite shows of the festival. The pouring rain just made it even more magical...

Enjoying the shows with one of my dearest friends in life, Tyrell.

Pennyhawke's set was a pleasant surprise! And if you thought that lady on the drum kit looks familiar, it was none other than thy keeper of the gems herself, LESLIE HALL.

Not even the rain could get us down...SO looking forward to next year!!

Hope you had a great holiday weekend xx

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