Thought on a Friday // 80-35 EDITION

The 80/35 Music Festival takes place this weekend in downtown Des Moines and I AM PUMPED.

The free stages are going to be where it's at this year. Here's a few shows that I'm looking forward to:

Zola Jesus. I'm really determined here not to be all "if you like [insert band], you're really going to enjoy [insert band], but this Wisconsin chick opened for Fever Ray. For a reason.

Solid Gold. Solid beats. Dance party to ensue.

Flatform. Local DJ/VJ duo [& friends] will keep the dance party going. Des Moines doesn't even know what they have in these guys.

Canby. Scott Yoshimura [of Envy Corps notoriety & friend] solo project grows on me with every performance. I also really enjoy the fact that my younger brother is drumming for him. Go to this show and check out his mad percussion skills.

Even if you're not a fan of all the bands, you'll only be punishing yourself by not indulging in all the amazing *free* events that will be going on.

The YPC Do More Village will be packed with vendors showcasing art, music, and the best of local businesses. There will also be a DIY Craft Fair sponsored by Meredith on Saturday from 12pm – 6pm.

And don't forget to bring:

See you this weekend!!

[Images via Music Philosophy, band websites.]

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