Market Day & A Music Show

Another Market Day Iowa down...always a great event to be part of and a privilege to be featured amongst so many local creatives.

Similar booth set-up as last month with lots of pretty new things! (P.S. There WILL be an Etsy shop update COMING SOON.)

Huge thanks to my darling hubby who helped me pack/ transport everything to the venue and so willingly toted around my pink suitcase. LOVE HIM.

I just had enough time for a nap between tearing down my booth and hitting the road to Omaha for SHE & HIM!

It was a gorgeous night for an outdoor concert and we actually got super close to the stage! Of course, Zooey was as adorable as you'd imagine her to be.

Our goal was meet Mrs. Gibbard in person, but alas, she disappeared from the venue immediately after the show.

M.Ward signed our vinyls instead, which [kind of] made up for it.

It does look a little lonely without Zooey's autograph...

Not a bad weekend at all though:)

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