Best of the Week Vol.Forty-Nine

1. See Jane Advocate is a great resource for learning ways to bring out social justice in the world. Recently posted is an opportunity to donate clothing to survivors of trafficking & sexual exploitation.

2. If you're a sucker for perfume commercials (like I am), you'll enjoy the the making of 'Love, ChloƩ' fragrance ad directed by Roman Coppola.

3. Consume less. Share more. Save money. SIMPLE.

4. This is pretty amazing. You can now have your cremated ashes pressed into a vinyl record.

5. European IKEA outlets, in an effort to be resourceful, are now selling second hand furniture online. Let's hope they bring this idea stateside!

6. Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably already seen this interactive music video from Arcade Fire. Still, it's pretty cool.

[Image via greenwatermelon on flickr.]

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