Bits & Pieces: Baby Girl's Room

 I've posted about Ruby's room before, but not since it's actually been "lived in". At the time, we didn't even know if we were having a boy or a girl (hence the blue & green). Though we haven't done much to redecorate since she was born (almost 11 months ago), these are the little glimpses that I see every day and hope to always remember.

Hope you enjoyed this little peek inside Ruby's room!

 Photos: 1. Sign on door, made by Mama. 2. Tissue paper balls, also made by Mama. 3. A patchwork pillow made by Aunt Amy, crocheted afghan that Great-Grandma made, and Ruby's well-loved Sophie the Giraffe . 4. Pretty little dresses; some new, some vintage. 5.Piggy bank from Eden, one of our most favorite shops in Des Moines. It's an old fashioned piggy bank, so the only way to take the money out is to break it!! I have yet to put an actual coin in it...6. Ruby's Jellycat, also purchased from Eden. 7. Tiny little shoes.

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