100 Degrees

With temps hovering around 100 degrees, we've been forced to stay indoors the last few nights in an effort to stay cool. We've read lots of books, or I should rephrase by saying we've read a small handful of books many times over. Ruby girl definitely has her faves! 

The heat index isn't the only thing that's been creeping into the triple digits. Our little darling has been cutting more teeth which, unfortunately, has been accompanied with a fever:(

It's heartbreaking to see her in so much discomfort, but she's been extra cuddly, which has been really nice. Little walkers don't have much time for sitting in the laps of their parents...

I also introduced Ruby to the wonderful world of Wes Anderson! She actually sat on my lap and was entirely enjoying Fantastic Mr. Fox until she drifted off to sleep...it was pretty special.

Mama & Papa are long overdue for a Moonrise Kingdom date night. Hopefully within the next week!!

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