Our Birthday Girl

Our little Ruby turned one year old today. It's so hard to believe that it has already been a year. I took a half day from work to spend some time with her and also to take her to her one year well baby exam.

I now regret scheduling this appointment on her birthday. As our home was built prior to 1960, we elected to have Ruby tested for lead. Which requires lab tests. Which means drawing blood. I'm sure you can imagine what that experience might look like for a toddler. Let's just say there isn't a word in the dictionary that can describe how horrible it is.

I stayed strong for the procedure, but will admit that both mama & baby shared a few tears in the car afterward. It's been an emotional day. I'm sad to see this chapter in Ruby's life coming to a close, but so grateful to God to know the beautiful, healthy, & vivacious little girl she has grown into these last 12 months.

I've started working on party details for Ruby's birthday party that we will be throwing on the 4th. We are planning to keep it small & just share the day with our families. Which is still no excuse to slack in the decorating department;) 

My circa 1963 copy of Better Homes & Garden's Birthdays and Family Celebrations has been a fun resource.You can find it at pretty much any thrift store.

We couldn't NOT do anything on Ruby's actual birthday, so we let baby girl go crazy on a raspberry key lime cupcake and open a couple presents from Grandpa. At least the day ended on a more pleasant note:)

Happy Birthday, Ruby Jayne!! We love you xx

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