Accidental Industry Fashion Show

 Mama & Papa were out on the town last Saturday for the Accidental Industry Fashion Show! Here's what we wore:

SHE: Banana Republic top (thrifted); 90's skirt (thrifted); clutch (flea market)

HIM: Top (thrifted); Jacket (vintage); Pocket square (Badowers); Raleigh Denim Jeans (Badowers); Gorilla Suede Chukka Boots (Gilt)

Dinner date at Zombie Burger. Pre-show cocktails at The Continental.

 The show featured 7 local designers and was held at Brenton Plaza (which proved to be an excellent venue for the event considering that it functions as an ice skating rink during the winter months).

 Our friend Lucy helped co-organize the event, which really turned out to be a smash. SHE IS A STAR. Her & her man, John (who DJ'd for the show), do a lot to make this unlikely city a little more fabulous. WE APPRECIATE IT!!

Looking forward to more events like these in the future..xx


  1. You guys couldn't be cuter! And I'm bummed to have missed this!

  2. So glad to see you highlighting independent fashion in DSM - wish I could have seen the show.


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