The Letter Man & Life Lately

 This week has not afforded us many opportunities for rest & reflection. But this was one of those moments. Evening walks with my little fam are THE BEST.

(I'm a little jealous that Wayde has so many amazing [in my opinion] photos with Ruby. Any other Mama's out there feel this way too?)

Some other highlights included getting not one, but TWO, non-bill pieces of mail from different friends on the same day. People, we got to start sending more real letters through the post. This can have a great impact on somebody's day;)

We also had dinner and ice cream with a dear friend from high school & her little family last night. Our baby girls are only a few months apart. It was kind of surreal to see her being a Mommy in their beautiful home...where has the time gone??

Work has been super duper stressful. I'll be the first to admit that I haven't handled the weight of it with as much grace as I would have hoped to. Being a full-time working Mama is a tough job. It's not ideal, but it's what we need to do for this season of life. And I'm definitely grateful for the opportunity.

No matter how horrible my day has been though, coming home to this little lady at the end of it is always my prize...xx

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