A Day Trip

Ever have those days when you just need a different? Thankfully, Wayde was on board when I suggested we get out of town for the afternoon last Saturday. Destination: Ames, IA. (I know...big deal).

We were hoping to hit the thrifts & satisfy my craving for some Pita Pit, but things didn't turn out as planned. Not only did the Salvation Army close, but the Antique Mall on Main Street also shut down since our last visit. We were left with only one Goodwill & it turned out to be a BUST.

At least Stomping Grounds Cafe didn't let us down. We stopped by for some mid-afternoon drinks. If I hadn't had a full tummy from lunch, I would've indulged in one of their Reuben sandwiches (THE BEST).

You could definitely tell that all the university students were gone for the summer.

Papa could tell I was a little bummed about our little excursion not being as productive as I had hoped. So, he let us stop by the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall on our way home.

There were a few little treasures in store for each of us...a vintage sweater for Ruby (above), a chunky necklace for Mama (below), and some pocket squares for Papa.

All in all, it still turned out to be nice day with the best company...xx

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