A New Leaf

We made it through another week, hallelujah.Our Mondays through Fridays mostly feel like a blur with too little time for rest or reflection.Or blogging.

Today, I treated myself to some Orange Leaf for an afternoon treat, and boy did it hit the spot.It's kind of my latest obsession. Wayde likes to tease me for making concoctions that a 5 year old might put together.

This scoop of yogurt was NOT staged. It actually smiled at me. The bobas (juice-filled balls) are my favorite!

Ruby's treat-of-the-moment are tomatoes!! Believe it or not, our girl picked this one off of the plant herself and went to town on it. SO ADORABLE.

It's crazy that it's already the end of July. This month hasn't been super eventful, but it has certainly flown by.

August has booked up pretty fast with lots of events to look forward to...a couple fun weddings, Jack White in concert, the Iowa State Fair, and a trip to California (tickets = booked) are all on the itinerary. It's been nice having these things on the calendar...but they'll be over before I know it. *Sigh*.....xx

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