Last year during the 80/35 Music Festival, I was in the hospital having a baby. This year, I got to enjoy it with my beautiful daughter (& husband)! Despite the heat, we all had a great time:) 

There were some challenges with taking a one year old along, but it helped that there were so many spots to refill our water cups and relax in the shade. It also helped that Ruby is such a good-natured little girl and is developing a love for music. She was boppin' her little head and clapping whenever she could. TOO CUTE.

I think it's safe to declare the Avett Brothers show as Ruby's 1st big concert (before she fell asleep). And it was a worthy one, at that! I hadn't listened to a lot of their music before, but I left feeling like I experienced something pretty special.

80/35, Day 2. More bands, more heat to endure...

Leslie & The Ly's.

Death Cab for Cutie closed out the festival. It's pretty great to see a band you can associate so many memories with under your own familiar skyline.

Thanks for another great year, 80/35!! xx

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