A Perfect Evening for a Patio

The temps have cooled off some since last week's scorchers, but it's still too hot to cook in my opinion. Our little fam tends to eat out a lot during the summer months...

Last night was beautiful, so had dinner on the patio of Woody's Smoke Shack, which one of our favorite BBQ spots. This joint is truly nestled within a residential community, so don't be fooled by other "neighborhood grills".
Baby girl loved the complimentary corn bread.

Think Ruby might be practicing for some outfit photoshoots? This little dress is from Target, actually. I've been truly impressed with their vast & affordable selection of baby clothes. From maxi-dresses to Harujuku Mini, there's a lot of pieces that I would even consider wearing.

Until next time...xx

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  1. I was just at Target yesterday and my friend made the same comment about wanting a few items for herself. I love the Harujuku Mini as well as the new *cough* Disney line.


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