Home Alone

It doesn't happen too often, but when it does, I almost don't know what to do with myself. Papa is out for a walk with Ruby and I sit here at home. Alone. Oh, the possibilities...

The last few nights I've been alone at home with Ruby. Papa has been busy practicing & playing shows with Parlours, building up to a West Coast tour next month. We girls aren't going to be able to go & the reality of that is finally setting in. The craziness of working full-time while running Ruby to & from "day care"...it'll be tough.

BUT if everything goes according to plan, Ruby & I will hop a plane during that time to join the band in Los Angeles for some fun times with family and friends. A vacation would be nice.

Parlours' full length album will also be dropping next month, so we've been listening to the new recordings. A lot. There's good stuff on the way, folks. Ruby even likes it. She's given her signature head nod of approval! xx

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