A Farewell to Mars

Like many others, I was deeply saddened by the news that Mars Cafe was closing their doors for good this Saturday, August 18th. It's hard to express how much this little coffee shop meant to our family, but I will do my best to share some of the reasons that made this place so special.

When Wayde & I got married and were looking for a place to live, we were immediately drawn to the Drake Area of Des Moines; largely because we fell in love with a little place that served great coffee. Our first home was located 2 blocks from the cafe and we spent many nights that first year walking, biking, or unicycling to Mars for impromptu date nights or Scented Vinyl.

When I needed to take an indefinite leave from the corporate world, Mars hired me on as a barista. It was there that I got to work with some of the most interesting people I've known; many of whom I consider friends to this day. I'd even go as far as saying that I have an almost family-like kinship with some of my former co-workers, unlike any job I've ever had.

I also got to know a great deal of the customers, who all seemed to be on the verge of something big. If only there was a way to measure the amount of business & productivity that the cafe helped generate...

I got to live out a huge dream of mine when I was selected for a bit part in the film, The Experiment. We shot for almost the whole day, which is crazy considering I have about 5 seconds of actual screen time on the DVD.

SPACE PROM was UNFORGETTABLE. Shenanigans definitely ensued...
When we found out we were going to be parents, it was actually at the "Deck The Mars" Christmas Party where we made the formal announcement. We just knew that we would be able to share our news with the greatest amount of friends in one place. I can't think of anywhere else we could do that today.

Mars was one of the first places we took Ruby as we were learning the ropes of hauling around a new baby with us everywhere. I really hoped that she would be able to work at the cafe one day. And who knows what kind of new businesses & coffee shops will grow in Des Moines over the next 20 years...?? WE ARE HOPEFUL. But for now, we are a little heartbroken. 

Thank you Mars Cafe for the atmosphere, the memories, and the darn good espresso. Des Moines will be less without you...xx


  1. awwww, this is so sad - but I loved reading this (and you have so many great Mars photos!)

  2. Even as a Minnesotan, this makes me sad. Visiting DSM without going to Mars will seem wrong.


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