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This past weekend, I got to enjoy the company of some of my dearest friends in the world, Dena & Maren.

I got to know these idential twin sisters through the internet a few years ago. Dena had met Wayde at college and they all became friends at that time. When Wayde and I got married, I received a message from the girls requesting our address to send a card for our wedding. The three of us hit it off immediately and maxed out our Facebook thread (for those of you wondering, it cut us off at 1000 messages). We have since taken our conversations to Gmail;)

The twins live in the Minneapolis area (which isn't that far), but since becoming Mamas (Maren gave birth to a daughter, June, back in April), it has become harder & harder to set aside time for a girls weekend. Needless to say, this recent one was MUCH NEEDED and long overdue.

It was such a treat to see Ruby & June interacting and enjoying each other's company. I truly hope this is the beginning of a life-long friendship for these two.

Our time together was relatively low key, but no ladies' weekend is complete without a late-night snack/ gab fest. We pretty much gorged ourselves on goodies from Trader Joe's.

We all ate at Zombie Burger on Sunday before they headed home. This place is fastly becoming a go-to spot to take our out-of-town visitors. I recommend the Zombie Burger Salad;)

I am so blessed to have these ladies in my life. Here's hoping our next weekend together is in the not-too-distant future! xx

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  1. Great photos from the weekend! LOVE seeing Ruby & June together! :)


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