Mama to the Rescue!

This week got off to a pretty crazy start. Ruby had her first trip (and hopefully last) to the urgent care clinic to mend a smushed finger. She had been out running errands with my Mother-in-law while I was a work and had somehow trapped her finger in a hardwood display at a flooring store.

I'm the kind of person who tends to overreact in emergency situations, but miraculously, I stayed (somewhat) calm as I left work and drove over to the hospital.

I kind of felt like I saved the day when I burst into the room and scooped her up in my arms. Even the tone of her cries changed from pain to relief that I was finally there. She calmed down a whole bunch and we watched an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba while we waited for the doctor.

Thankfully, it wasn't bad enough to stitch, but they did need to glue it shut to stop the bleeding. The whole ordeal totally sucked, but I couldn't help but be grateful the whole time that it wasn't anything worse. Sincerely, thank you, Lord.

(You can see where it is bandaged on her right hand in the photo above.)

This little girl wore herself out from crying and took a crazy long nap when we got home. I noticed that she had already started messing with the bandage, so I tried to replace it as carefully as I could. Ruby held so still while whimpering just a bit while I played nurse. I was SO proud of her for being so compliant!

And then the sweetest thing in the world happened...

When I was all finished, Ruby looked right into my eyes, leaned towards me and planted a kiss on my face. Melt my heart!

You don't even understand the magnitude of this. Ruby will kiss other babies, her dollys - anything but an adult if she isn't practically forced to. So for her to initiate a kiss at her own will...it was like a little 'thank you'. Something I never want to forget...xx

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