The Wishlist

I might as well put it out there. I don't need these things to be happy, but you only turn 30 once, right? Or maybe I'll be turning 29 again...

1. Garland from Confetti Systems. Yes, I would decorate my house with this.

2. The new Home by Novogratz book by Bob & Cortney Novogratz. These folks are living MY dream - a house full of kids (7!) in New York City surrounded by aesthetically pleasing design. Need I say more?

They're releasing a collection of home items with retailer CB2 beginning October 4th. I haven't even seen their offerings and I WANT IT ALL.
3. Hunter Boots. I don't even care what color. Not because they're stylish or practical (by any means), but because it would make me a REAL BLOGGER.

4. Vinyls. You can never go wrong in buying me vinyl (unless it is a band I don't like). Even then, that sweet crackling *accompaniment of an actual record player could make the worst of the worst sound slightly better.

I've resisted the mass appeal of Mumford & Sons for as long as I could possibly handle, but their new single "I Will Wait" just completely won me over. Don't tell anybody. And I can't say that I could listen to this album from start to finish, but I am *slowly* warming up to this bluegrass jazz.

Also, Sucre's A Minor Bird turned out to be a pleasant musical surprise. The singer, Stacy King, is also one of the Eisley girls and I like their stuff enough. Sucre might actually be better though. Have a listen and tell me what you think.

I would also be happy to accept Instax film, diptyque candles, and giftcards to J.Crew or Madewell. Though I'm hesitant to invest a lot of money in my wardrobe when I don't know how much longer it'll be before Baby #2. And I'm not hinting at anything. But I AM turning 30, you know. The clock is ticking...xx

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