Dearest October

Even if it wasn't my birthday month, I'm pretty sure October would still be my favorite. This normally would be the post where I list off all the material things I would like for my birthday (it's on the 21st, so there's still plenty of time for shipping). But I already know what I'm getting...

For the big thirtieth (I know, YIKES), I wanted to do something special. Something memorable. Something that would properly kick off this next decade. 

A little over a week ago, I hadn't heard about the Influence Conference yet, but when I stumbled across it (via the #SheReadsTruth community), I just knew that I HAD to be there. Unfortunately, spontaneity was something that got packed away in a drawer along with my pre-pregnancy black skinny jeans. I'm a Mama now, so I don't just up and leave for a long weekend by myself. Especially because I'm a Mama now!!

I casually mentioned it at dinner.

"You should definitely go!" said Wayde. There were a lot of reasons not to, so I dismissed it as quickly as I brought it up.

Fast forward to a late night conversation with my husband. This time he brought up the conference and insisted that I make it happen. It took a lot of guts to type in my credit card information (thus sealing the deal and my fate), but I clicked confirm and now it's all happening. I even found some roomies at the hotel where it'll be hosted.

There's even a possibility that a friend from church is going to put her spontaneity pants on and go with me! Which should make the 8 hour drive a lot more enjoyable. So there it is! The BIG birthday present:)

Phewsh, that was a lot of words. Props to you if you made it through the whole thing. I'll post some pictures to make up for it...xx


  1. Ah! You are going?! That is awesome! It sounds like it's going to be absolutely wonderful. It doesn't work out for me to go, but I will definitely be following your posts about it.

    And...happy early birthday!

  2. YES!! I'm actually going with Nicole W. I couldn't believe something like it existed when I found out about it...maybe we can get an Iowa group to go next year:)


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