My Super Sweet 30th Birthday

A little bit about me...I was the kid who tried to find out what I was getting every year before Christmas. I'd tear the house apart searching for gifts and, on a couple occasions, actually opened my presents when my parents were away. I KNOW. 

I got over that the older I got. I like surprises now. Heck, we didn't even find out the gender of our baby when I was pregnant! That was THE BEST.

Well, my birthday bowling bash was supposed to be a surprise...You see, Wayde kind of made the mistake of leaving his Facebook account open on my laptop. So, when I opened it up and saw my news feed (we have many mutual friends), I didn't suspect anything out of the ordinary. It wasn't until I glanced at a message from my sisters featuring words like "bowling" and "birthday" and "count me in!" that I knew I was seeing something I wasn't supposed to see.

I felt horrible. I wasn't even trying to find out. And I confessed to Wayde shortly after.

It kind of ended up working out for the best though. Wayde took the responsibility of making my birthday cupcakes ("almost vegan" chocolate avocado), so I ended up being around for that whole ordeal (for lack of a better word). Regardless, I was super happy that he went to all the trouble he did to ensure that this big birthday was a memorable one, and that it was!!

 This photo doesn't do the cupcakes justice, but believe me, they were AMAZING.

So thankful for everyone who came out to help me celebrate!! Y'all made me feel so special:)

Another piece of info about me...I LOVE bowling (hence the bowling party). It is on my bucket list to score a 200 in my lifetime. My highest score: 199.



  1. Looks like a beautiful birthday!! HAPPY 30th sweet girl!

  2. Bowling alleys have a special place in my heart. I met my husband during a campus ministry outing at a bowling alley. I'm impressed with your high score. My only memorable score was my lowest...when I scored 40. ;) Happy Birthday to you!!!

  3. Happy Birthday! Looks like your hubby made it a great day despite the spoil in surprise. :) I'm curious about these cupcakes. Can you share a recipe?

  4. Thank you, sweet ladies!!

    Becky - Based on the photo, you are brave asking for this recipe! They were SO delicious though:) This is the recipe my husband used:


    You have to let me know if you make, ok??

  5. I wish I could have made it for this!


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