Readers beware...cute photos ahead! This past weekend, we took the littles [Ruby & her cousins, Brody (left) & Braxton (middle)] trick-or-treating at the nursing home where some of our family members work.

This is the way to do it, folks. You get to be inside where it is warm whilst attaining crazy amounts of candy. Plus, the sweet residents get such a kick out of seeing these babes in costumes.

Mandatory Ruby & Mama shot. This expression was perpetually glued on baby girl's face during the event.

I really feel like I dropped the ball (smashed the pumpkin?) in the costume department this year. When you're a creative person (or like to think that you are), there's a lot of pressure to out-do yourself.

Last year, Ruby dressed up as Wednesday Addams. I just couldn't top it this time. I can barely get a meal prepared on most nights, let alone crafting up a kick-arse Halloween ensemble. Such can be the life of a full-time working Mama.

Oh, well. At least Ruby didn't seem to mind. Plus, we're actually pretty big Vikings fans in this household. The more you know...

 CUTEST. FACE. EVER. Showing off all six & a half of her pearly whites...

Little did Ruby know that all of her efforts were in vain; that Mama & Papa would be the only ones to enjoy her spoils. Someday, baby girl...xx


  1. Such adorable photos! I love all the costumes and the matching pumpkins.

    <3 Melissa

  2. So sweet, Erin! Looks like little miss had a blast! :)


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