House Hunters

The time has come...the search for a home has begun! We've been renting a pretty amazing place for 2.5 years and feel ready to put down some roots in our city.

As exciting as it has been to start looking, it has also been a little discouraging. Just not a lot on the market that meets our criteria. I know you've got to do some compromising when purchasing a house, but it doesn't feel like you should have to when that much money is involved.

Some things that are on my wishlist:
- Good price (naturally)
- 1920's Bungalow style (preferably 2 story...I'm not really into the 1 1/2 stories)
- Hardwood floors (so I can cover them with fancy rugs)
- A dishwasher (never in my married life have I had one...this would be huge)
- 3 Bedrooms (w/ a 4th non-conforming room that could be used as an office or BR)
- Our preferred neighborhood (we're flexible on this...just no suburbs)
- Outdoor entertaining area (could be a porch, deck, or patio)
- A yard (not too huge as I'm not crazy about maintaining it)

It would also be AMAZING if this nearly 100 year old home had a fireplace, attached garage, and/ or central air & heating.

Ok, so maybe that's a lot to ask for.

Sincerely, we want a cozy place to bless our family & friends; where they would feel right at home whenever they're visiting and that we have a good amount of space to accomodate them. We want a place where Ruby (and any other children we have) can make special memories and call home.

Based on what's currently available, it might be closer to Spring before we find our home. Until then, I will enjoy the anticipation of not knowing which one it is as I drive down the streets looking for it. Because it's out there. I just know it...xx


  1. I saw your blog through the DMJuice.com page. Being a Realtor in the Des Moines area, I couldn't help but notice the title on your blog (House Hunters). It sounds like you have just started the process and are looking for something in particular. I wanted to see if you have been working with a Realtor to find your right home. We have many tools at our hands that will be able to narrow down your searching to the best homes meeting your criteria. The internet websites are good, but many times have inaccurate information. The tools we have are up to date and have all the information and it is correct. If you have not been working with a realtor I would love to help you find your home. The best part is it is free. I work with one of the best companies in the area, Coldwell Banker. I have no doubt I would be able to find the home you are looking for. You can feel free to contact me @ tony.brezina@cbdsm.com or check out my website to get more information. I Hope I can help you out. P.S. I like your blog. All the Vegas pictures are fun. I have never been, but would like to.

    1. Thank you, Tony:) Yes, we are already working with an experienced realtor that also happens to be a friend.

    2. That is great you realize the importance of working with a realtor and also that they are a friend of yours. It makes me feel good to help others find a home, but it is the best when it is your friends and family. I wish you luck in your home finding adventure.


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