O' Tannenbaum

It's that time of year!! And I must admit, having Ruby help me trim the tree (a.k.a. bringing me the ornaments that Papa pulled out of the box) might have already make this the best Christmas ever. And it's not even December yet. I know, big call, but the holidays are just that much more precious having little ones around to enjoy them with.

I haven't always felt the way I do about this season. Maybe it's because I've just associated it with the cold weather. Christmas music sort of irritated me. I even used to say that I hoped my kids didn't mind that I wouldn't decorate for it because I didn't like decor/ etc that wasn't fashionable year round.

Boy, did that all change once I became a Mama. Heck, I'm even down for watching the cheesiest of Hallmark Channel Christmas specials. Sign me up for anything that gets me into the spirit.

We're also in the process of sorting out which traditions we would like to continue celebrating, as well as new ones to adopt.

It seems a little early to make this a meaningful Advent season for our toddler, but I love the idea behind it and the time of reflection on the days leading up to Christmas. We definitely want the focus to be on Christ during the holidays.

I would also like to integrate some kind of service project for our family to participate in. Also a bit challenging with a toddler, but if you have any ideas, please shoot them my way.

Hoping to share our experiences throughout the month of December!! xx

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  1. I love the beautiful traditions you are starting with your family! I'm not a mama but as a Christian, I'm also feeling a lot stronger pull towards the Advent season.


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