Viva Las Vegas Pt.1

If you know me or my family, it might come as a surprise that we spent our family vacation in Las Vegas. Or it might not. When you hear how great of a deal we got through Allegiant Airlines, you will understand. Round trip airfare including a 5 night stay at our hotel for $300 per person. BAM.

I do want to add here that you get what you pay for. Our clan shacked up at the infamous Excalibur Hotel, which upon initial inspection, seemed slightly spectacular. Heck, it looks like a castle even.

There are elements to it that are dated, and the rooms are nothing to write home (or blog) about. It wasn't really until we toured the more well-known hotels on the Strip that exposed how underwhelming our sleeping quarters really were. I don't have any major complaints, but if I do ever go back, I may be more enticed to penny-up and stay at a nicer place.

We arrived in Vegas close to dinnertime, so we randomly wandered into a burger establishment called FATBURGER. Little did we know about the the excitement that would ensue once a very famous customer arrived.

Our party was sitting on the patio when a limo pull up in front of the building. A woman stepped out of it wearing sunglasses and a hood. Then suddenly, the woman whipped off the hood, tousled her hair, and started posing in front of the sign. It was none other than...

PARIS HILTON. We later saw via her Twitter page the photo posted of her outside of the restaurant in which my nephew & sister can be seen upon closer viewing. For all 9 million of her followers to see.

You can imagine how exciting this spotting was for a group of relatively simple folks from Iowa. Especially so early into our trip. It set our expectations pretty high for any other possible sightings of famous persons. [My parents later saw Vince Neil leaving Barney's New York. And some dude from "Counting Cars". That was about it].

The Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan. Can you believe that every one of those strands is compiled of individual beads? It also spanned several floors of the hotel. Pretty much amazing.

Vintage sewing machine installation at All Saints. Right next to the Chandelier Bar. So much awesomenimity within such close proximity [head explodes]. This is the stuff that my dreams are made of.

We walked a little further down the Strip and saw a large scale camera operation outside of Caesar's Palace. Multiple sources confirmed it was filming for The Hangover 3. No Zach Galifinakis sightings, but still fun to watch.

We also spotted TURF (the contortionist from last season's America's Got Talent) performing on a street corner. WHAT'S UP. You know how much I love AGT, you guys.

And this was only the first night, y'all!! More to come...xx

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