Viva Las Vegas Pt.2

This post could also be subtitled, "Things to Do in Vegas with a Toddler". As I am sure you can imagine this adult playground of a city is not quite marketed to wee ones. The difference between Vegas at night and Vegas at day is literally that - night & day. But there's plenty to do & see with the littles until the sun goes down.

 Starting the day off with some PBS Kids. Something about this logo I find so ironic...

Any opportunity to splash around in some water is a WIN. Ruby & her cousin Brody dipping their toes in the fountains at Aria. It also made for some pretty great pictures.

We walked around A LOT. One thing about Vegas is that everything is closer than it looks. My back is still recovering. We made sure to stay hydrated and had plenty of Ibuprofen on hand.

The 80 degree temps made it easy to forget that it was still Autumn. A handful of hotels had Fall-themed installations on display. We especially liked the solarium at the Bellagio.

 This tree in the Bellagio solarium talked and looked around with his gigantic eyes. Not creepy at all.

The babes were such troopers as we dragged them all over the Strip. They were rewarded with hugs, kisses, and pistachio gelato.

Our whole family went to the Tournament of Kings on Monday night. I would argue to say this is one of the best deals in Vegas. You get a full-on live medieval show with jousting/ pyrotechnics/ etc and dinner included for about $60. This is cheap in Vegas dollars.

The meal is pretty basic fare, but it is appropriate to the time period. There also aren't any utensils to eat with, so dress accordingly. Especially if you have a toddler in tow (one of the only shows were children can be included free of charge if sitting on their parent's laps).

This was one of my favorite things we did together and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. SO FUN!!

We also made sure to squeeze in some pool time. Our hotel had a pretty large section of their pool that was only 10 inches deep (also heated). We didn't spend a whole lot of time there in an effort to protect our babes from the blazing desert sun, but every minute was certainly enjoyed.

After our short time at the pool, Ruby was acting a little out of sorts. It ended up that my poor babe somehow obtained a flu bug.

Ruby had never really been sick before, so it was so sad to see her crying and throwing up. We ended up spending the rest of that day in our hotel room. These kind of things really stink on a vacation, it's just par for the course as a parent. Really, I was just grateful that she was back to normal by the next day.

To be continued...xx


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