Viva Las Vegas Pt.3

After nursing a sick baby & not leaving our hotel grounds for almost 24 hours, I was encouraged/ forced to go out for the night with my sisters & their significant others. We ate a late dinner at the Sugar Factory, where the food was as delicious as the decor.

Ruby was back to normal the next day, so baby girl & I wandered through some more hotels along the Strip.

The luxurious Wynn Hotel. Can I stay here next time

Ruby was pretty excited to stumble upon this "bow wow" in one of the shops at Wynn.

The Secret Garden of Siegfried & Roy at the Mirage. The mini-zoo was a combined dolphin observatory and white tiger habitat. The kids had SO MUCH FUN (and so did the adults).

We especially loved the dolphins. I could've watched these guys play all day. The one laying it's head on the cement was the sweetest little thing ever. I'm pretty sure he (or she) wanted to come home with us.

The box office at Cirque du Soleil's Beatles show, "Love". Watching the kiddos play & dance in the lighted tunnel might have been the highlight of my whole trip. Ruby showed off dance moves I had never seen:)

Don't ask me how, but we ended up at a Senor Frog's for dinner. I wasn't expecting much for the littles, but was pleasantly surprised by how accommodating they were to us. We all ended up leaving the restaurant with happy tummies and some rather ornate balloon hats.

As if our day couldn't get any more exciting, we got to watch the entirely cheesy (and free) pirate show outside of the Treasure Island Hotel. The music and storyline were almost unbearable, but to my 4 year old nephew, it might have been the coolest thing he had ever witnessed.

OH, YEAH! He also met CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW after the show!! It's hard to express the magnitude of this encounter, but believe me when I say it was EPIC. (And does this dude seriously not look exactly like Johnny Depp? Um, hello!).

Ruby also made a few new friends, but she does pretty much wherever she goes:)

I've got a couple more Vegas posts, but they're good ones - trust me!! Thanks for reading, y'all...xx


  1. Geez girl- you take BEAUTIFUL pictures. Somehow you captured all the 'bests' of that crazy desert city.
    And seriously- Ruby! She gets cuter every. single. day. I wish I would have witnessed the dance-athon. :)

    1. Thank you! I'll show you the video of Ruby dancing next time I see you. PRICELESS.


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