A Peek Inside...Our Living Room!

This is just a peek, friends! I still kind of consider this space a work in progress (though it's one of the more "put-together" rooms in our new house). We've been living here now for almost two months (!) and it sure didn't take long for it to feel like home.

I've always dreamed of hardwood floors and a fireplace in my future home, not daring to dream big enough to have an actual working fireplace. We've still yet to test it out though as we're a little nervous to. Think about it...to willingly set an open fire in the house you've searched & saved for over the course of years...maybe next winter;)

Like many friends have already expressed, our furniture choice also surprised me. First of all, we purchased the couch & chairs at Homemakers (of all places). After debating over the customization options on two different chaise lounge couches, we gravitated back to one of the first displays we saw upon entering the store.

The couch is way bigger than we anticipated, but I like it. Plus, Wayde can lay fully extended on it, which is pretty nice for him considering he's 6'4".

What surprised me the most was this little swivel number. Would you believe I wasn't the one who was rallying to purchase it? That's right - Wayde's choice. Which I was pretty pleased with. I think my design sense is wearing off on him:)

We've even got a built-in shelf! There's still some decor shifting to be done and maybe even a new coat of paint in the near future, but that's that for now.

I've pretty much looked forward to decorating my future home since I was a little girl. It's been a long time coming, but worth the wait. Most importantly, we want to use this place to love & bless our guests; that our home would feel like their second one.

Looking forward to sharing some of the other rooms with you!! xx

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Can't wait to see the place in person in a few weeks!!! :)


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