21 Weeks

It occured to me this week that I'm not going to see a new episode of Downton Abbey until after this baby is born. That seems all too soon & ages away at the same time...

We managed to get through the ultrasound without discovering the gender (though I kept checking with Wayde throughout the appointment..."are you sure you don't want to find out?"). At least the baby appears to be healthy & thriving. For that, we are so thankful.

I will say though that if I had any sort of inkling at all regarding the gender before the ultrasound, it all went out the window afterwards. This babe was not giving out any clues. Oh, well. It's only another 19 (give or take) weeks and who knows how many hours in labor until I find out. Yikes. And that too feels like all too soon & ages away at the same time...xx

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