Mom's 50th Birthday Party

My mother hit her monumental 50th birthday this past weekend, so we celebrated with a lovely little family gathering at our new house. We also broke in our new dining room table & chairs for the occassion (which is deserving of an entire blog post in itself)!

I really felt like I scored with these tissue banners from the Dollar Tree - party decor can get spendy, y'all!

I'd like to take credit for this incredible cake, but we ended up ordering it from Glorious Desserts. SO worth it too! It tasted just as amazing as it looked.

We sipped on orange sodas & pink lemonade to keep with the color theme. It was a special night, indeed.

It was pretty wonderful getting to entertain my whole family in our new home. Looking forward to many celebrations here in the future! xx

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  1. Such pretty decorations ... and I'm loving that table and chairs! Happy Birthday to your mom!


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