A Peek Inside...My Wardrobe!

Welcome to my wardrobe! I haven't been able to bridge the time/space gap to Narnia (yet), but for the first time in my married life, I have my own clothing quarters. 

And since this is the only pocket of our home that I can claim entirely as my own, I decided to make it as girly and boutique-y as possible:)

It would seem to be practical to use the top shelf for more productive storage purposes, but creating the feel of a shop that you would want to shop at makes the whole daily clothing selection time just that much more enjoyable & inspiring. Try it and see if it doesn't enhance your experience!

I love having the Instax-Mini camera, but all my snapshots have been living in a box since they were taken. So, I stuck them up with some washi tape ($2.99 at Hobby Lobby) which has made the inside of my closet door anything but drab. Plus, I'm looking forward to adding more pics to this installation! 

Another quick & useful way to fill up a wall space is to create a necklace display using 3M adhesive hooks. They're noncommittal and take hardly any time to put up.

And that's my wardrobe! Not the most enlightening post I've ever published to this blog, but it was a fun little project and one that I get to enjoy every day. xx

Are there any fun or unique ways you utilize storage spaces by putting your personal touch on them?

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