28 & 29

Hello, third trimester! Sometimes, it's easy to forget that you get an actual human baby at the end of this deal. And with the more frequent aches, discomforts, and late-night bathroom visits, I am reminded how near this event is actually taking place.

TIP: If you want to speed up a pregnancy, put off the really big stuff like assembling the baby's room or picking out a name (both of which we have yet to accomplish). But I'm not stressing...yet.

Can I just say how super voluptuous my hair looks in that 29 week photo? It's certainly not due to the prenatal vitamins because I have been doing a horrible job staying on top of those.

Also, have you seen Call the Midwife? I blazed through Season 1 on Netflix this week. Such an endearing show. And such a different viewing experience to watch late into one's pregnancy.

Stay tuned to see how much I balloon in the next 10 (or more likely 11) weeks of this pregnancy. That is if I don't give up on my whole maternity series in general. So...humbling. xx

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