Shark Love & Burger Lust

Every Memorial Day Weekend since Ruby was born (that being 2), our little family has made a tradition of going to the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha.

Now that Ruby can identify animals by name, we were super excited to take her this year!

Ruby doing her best monkey faces!

 The Sno Cone might have been Ruby's favorite thing at the zoo...

I'm so happy that Wayde captured this photo, complete with shark lurking ominously above our heads. Here's hoping that Ruby's "Mama's girl" phase lasts forever<3>

After a full afternoon at the zoo (and hauling around my 32 week prego belly), Wayde sweetly suggested that maybe we don't have to do this zoo trip every year, to which I agreed. As great as it is, we found ourselves taking many of the same pictures from last year and awkwardly shuffling through crowds (with stroller in tow) that were bigger than we remembered. 

I guess I would consider an annual trip if we could always end the day here...

Louis M's Burger Lust Cafe. We got the referral from a friend and this place DID NOT disappoint. Even the staff were excited to hear how much we loved our burgers.

My parmesan encrusted special topped with swiss cheese & morel mushrooms. Too good to even think about tainting with ketchup. And if you know me, that's saying a lot.

Not that we even had the room for it afterwards, but since we were in town, we trekked across the city for some eCremery goodness. You only live once, right?

We fell in love with their cardamom ice cream last year and enjoyed the Shark Bait (sea salt carmel w/ chocolate covered pretzels) & strawberry basil selections this time around. Until next time, Omaha...xx

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  1. Whaaa? No ketchup? That MUST have been a good burger! :)


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