Good Thursday & Another Target Run [24/31].

Happy Thursday! Today was a nice day. It got off to a great start having a late birthday breakfast with my friend, Nicole. I actually got out of the house by myself for it, which pretty much never happens anymore.

We also made a Target run this morning with my fellow SAHM friend, Allison, and her 7 month old twin boys. That lady puts a lot of things into perspective for me. She is a ROCKSTAR.

I think this Halloween is the first holiday that Ruby has actually expressed interest in leading up to it. She's learned about it a little from watching PBS Kids, but knows enough now that it involves candy & costumes. Which, to a two year old, probably seems as great as Christmas!

Little lady is scheduled to stroll the block on Beggar's Night as Snow White, but she has also mentioned going as a ballerina from Swan Lake specifically. She explained to us that she could go as a ballerina since she already had slippers and a tutu, which is pretty dang resourceful for a toddler to consider that. Must have got that from her Mama!

I'm cutting this post a little short since I spent the evening at an Arbonne party and stayed a little too late catching up with people. Which is good, but I have since had to brush my husband off on a project he wanted to show me that he's been working on so I could get my blog entry posted on time. And that's not good.

I didn't want this challenge to interfere with my family life, but it kind of has. My husband has been super supportive of this all along, even when it has inconvenienced him, so I'm wrapping it up so he can show me whatever it is he wanted to show me:)

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  1. :) I'm catching up on your posts and I just love this. FUN DAY!


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