TGIF [25/31].

Papa has today off, so we are busy cleaning & prepping for some guests at our house this evening. The babes are both asleep, so I just have a few minutes to post something (between all my other chores).

Since Wayde has taken on the landscaping design duties, he has given me full reign over decorating the interior of our home. FINALLY. It was funny today though because I noticed Wayde had started integrating some of his plants into my shelves, etc, which actually led to a few design breakthroughs. I'll have to post some pics when I have more time.

We've got a busy weekend ahead of us with guests tonight, a wedding tomorrow, and a football showdown this Sunday. So you can expect short & sweet, that is, if I don't forget to post anything!

And now, back to cleaning...

P.S. How cute is this little fern terrarium Wayde made? He keeps talking about taking it to work, but I won't let him;)

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